Grammy Interior Design Ltd was founded in Guangzhou City on December 26, 2010, the company since the establishment of our hundred percent in customer service, established from the design, construction, sale and maintenance of complete system. The company's main tool, undertake major office buildings, factories, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, design and engineering, has a strong ability to design and construction, and bear a social responsibility mission and training a large number of high-quality talent, establishing a complete set of training courses. We firmly believe that: "the customer and the company, the company and the employees, a new era in the 21st century must progress together, the three parties win is our goal."



Customer contact phone: 400-966-1234/1366-005-1234.

Decorative design intent customers through online, telephone, may also make an appointment directly in the design team satisfied with designer home, customer service will be the first time to respond to your request, for your dedicated service.

Designers listen decoration requirements (Guangzhou Office decoration, decoration shop, Office decoration, workshop decoration decoration related businesses), and analysis of the answers.

Measure carefully choosing the right designer for your home environment and communication with customers to listen to customer's needs, customer-tailored Green Office or living space.

Designers and technicians to the scene in person after the measurement and the environment of the scene, draw a floor plan, confirmed the initial plane programme issued by the renovation budget cost.

Both sides agree on, clients and the company signed a cooperation agreement, pay the design after the deposit, the designer for further deepening, programmatic renderings, construction drawings and accurate repair quote form.

According to the customer's ideas and requirements, designers will provide you with the best, professional design and detailed decoration budget, customer confirmed programme will be signed project cooperation agreement with green lime decorations.

Customers confirm the design and quotation, repair construction contract signed by both parties.

For all projects have set up project teams to enter, procedures for admission, after the receipt of the first phase of the project started. Project team leader in project during construction for scientific control, 5s management, segment engineering quality inspection, supervision, and strictly control schedule.

Customer and engineering procedures for admission, received after the first phase of the project started. Decoration during the construction of the company sending out engineers to management and supervisory staff to check the repair project quality, find the problem resolved in a timely manner, operate according to the quality and quantity.

Completion and delivery of construction project quality and quantity, according to State and industry standards for acceptance, unqualified or nonconformance at the works proceed to rectify within the time limit, in order to achieve acceptance criteria. Acceptance acceptance form signed by project end of settlement, while providing you with complete technical documentation, engineering warranty card.

Regular customers visit, and provide two years of free maintenance service, the maintenance of life. Utilities emergency maintenance, 24-hour home maintenance; additional warranty, 48-hour onsite maintenance. Please be assured that we are a professional design company in Guangzhou.


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    Congratulations to the 12th China international SME fair successfully concluded

    First, small series on behalf of the company to congratulate this "fair" to a successful conclusion. The exhibition attracted a large number of businessmen at home and abroad to visit and also received the support of the provincial government, ultimate perfection came to an end.

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    Office decorating design look better?

    Recently, a customer contact to our decorations, comes to ask such a sentence: Office repair how to design good? Each other's company is the main women's cosmetics, boss gave head of the renovation a requirement, when customers come into the Office for a visit, to let them know that our Office is decorated in beautiful, people left a deep impression.

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    Design Director of decoration industry trends

    Song Association of decorative design company have stepped into the decoration industry for ten years, as the Decade of Chinese wind changes. Ten years ago, when we were saddened people aesthetic standard, ten years later, we have also managed to do much for people to change the aesthetic standards of effort! In the current office building decoration industry, industry standard, the industry's own employees threshold of binding, decorative industry standards and the integrity of the market environment, and so on, are important factors affecting the decoration industry.

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    Sign up long-term partner-kennametal duraplus Guangzhou Office decoration

    Kenner duraplus metal company (Kennametal) founded in 1938, its business from automotive to aerospace industry, from textile machinery to electronics, from road construction to oil drilling. Kenner with its high quality and complete products and services known to the world for 60 years. All along, the Kenner fly-Seok and song Association decoration is a long-term cooperative partnership, recently the new Office interior design project for Guangzhou continues to safely leave the Association decorated solely responsible for.

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    New style of Chinese-style decoration display art

    Accompanied with the improvement of the economy, people increasingly began to focus on the pursuit of office furnishings and drapery, taste and soft power levels increase. Soft type of design is also more, new Chinese soft elements of China's 5,000 years of cultural development of precipitation, is a mileage sign for the development of the Chinese culture. With the "Chinese dream" carrying forward the traditional culture of the main theme, new Chinese-style drapery is carrying forward the essence of Chinese culture and inheritance.

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