Service Range

Office space: Office of design and construction of office buildings, supporting engineering fire air conditioning furniture drapery design, weak

Commercial space: clothing, footwear, leather, jewelry classes, optical shop, loaded stores store design and construction

Restaurant space: positioning of items, depending on the dish location tailored to different style of dining space, to ensure that customers maximize operating profit

Entertainment: restaurants, chess, foot, Club, KTV and other leisure and entertainment projects

Hotel Club: positioning star rating star, topic, style category, shortcut, such as design and construction of the Grand Hotel Hotel

Exhibition space: mobile phone stores, furniture showrooms, ceramic exhibition, exhibition hall of science and technology and other types of design and construction of exhibition hall

Education: kindergarten, early education center, specializing in the design and construction of

Residential spaces: design and construction of apartment housing water villas; lighting design, software design, Feng Shui design, furniture design and sound design

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